Educare la risposta della fede

Meddi L., Educare la risposta della fede. La receptio fidei compito della catechesi di “Nuova Evangelizzazione”, in Urbaniana University Journal, 2013, 56, 3, 117-161.


Receptio fidei as task of the Catechesis of “New Evangelization”
Catechesis is currently looking for its identity within the mission of the Church,
mainly in contexts of “New Evangelization”. Although XX century’s ecclesial selfconsciousness
modified catechesis’ aim by shifting from an emphasis on transmission
and defense of doctrine to a focus on the embracing and putting Christian
message into practice in everyday life, it suffers from continuous attempts
to bring her back to her former task of announcing and transmitting the message.
Especially in the perspective of the New Evangelization, the catechesis’
task is to foster the acceptance of the Christian proposal starting from the cultural
dynamics of the individuals and social groups. The term reception has to
be understood as an accomplishment of the evangelizing action of tradition and
as a condition of that authentic redditio that the catecumenal process is aimed
at. Although the term comes from a theological context it can properly describe
the whole intra-psychic and intra-cultural process of self-construction. As for the
cultural process, it becomes the pastoral condition or way for freely embracing
religious experience.

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